Report Reveals The Grubby Tactics In Australia’s Failed 2022 World Cup Bid

‘There is strong evidence that Australia made improper payments.’

Was Australia’s 2022 FIFA World Cup bid dirty? That’s pretty much what a FIFA report says, with allegations that the Football Federation Australia (FFA) made “improper payments intended to influence the vote of an Executive Committee member”.

This and many other allegations are all tabled in the full, unedited 400 page report into the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding process (the Cups were awarded to Russia and Qatar respectively and announced at the same time.)

The report, by FIFA Ethics Chief Investigator Michael Garcia, was originally leaked to German tabloid Bild. It appears FIFA then decided to outflank Bild by sticking the report on its own wesbite, where the whole world can read it in full.

News sites in the U.K. are leading with the alleged involvement of Prince William and former PM David Cameron in vote-swapping, a practice which contravene’s FIFA’s anti-collusion rules.

But some of the tactics in Australia’s failed 2022 World Cup bid — for which we received just one miserable vote despite spending $45.6 million and creating the weird kangaroo video below — are just as hard to swallow…

Source: Report Reveals The Grubby Tactics In Australia’s Failed 2022 World Cup Bid

Mt Gambier: Girl, Mother Being Airlifted For Medical Treatment When Flight Crashed

The 16-year-old, her mother and the pilot died in the Mt Gambier crash.

The pilot — 78-year-old Adelaide Hills businessman and Angel Flight volunteer Grant Gilbert — was also killed when the plane plummeted into a paddock just minutes after taking off from Mount Gambier Airport, just before 10:30am on Wednesday.

The plane, a 25-year-old Tobago TB10, went down in Suttontown, just a few kilometres south of Mount Gambier airport. The SA Country Fire Service, which was called to the scene of the wreckage, said the plane was “extensively damaged” but there was no actual fire.

Gilbert was taking the teen and her mother to Adelaide as part of his work volunteering for Angel Flights, a charity which provides non-emergency medical flights to people in isolated areas so they can access specialist treatment.

Mount Barker Mayor Ann Ferguson told The Advertiser that Gilbert was an integral part of the local community and “an all-round good local bloke”.

“(Grant) was part of local government and on the hospital board. He was one of those people who would get on with a job without looking for recognition,” she said.

Source: Teen Girl, Mother Being Airlifted For Medical Treatment When Flight Crashed

Navy member of 36 years, Lieutenant Commander Steven Noakes, died on border patrol operation

The Department of Defence name the Royal Australian Navy member who died while deployed on a border patrol operation as Lieutenant Commander Steven Noakes.

A statement released by Defence on behalf of his family described Lieutenant Commander Noakes as “a much loved husband, father, brother, uncle, son and proud Navy member”.

“He devoted 36 years of his life to serving his country and for that we couldn’t be more proud of him,” the statement said.

“When not home with his family, he was most happiest when at sea with his crew.

“We wish to extend our thanks to his shipmates and colleagues who provided such a rewarding and joyous career to Steven over the years.”

Lieutenant Commander Noakes was deployed on patrol boat Cape Inscription as part of Operation Resolute.

A Defence spokeswoman said the cause of death was not yet known.

Source: Navy member of 36 years, Lieutenant Commander Steven Noakes, died on border patrol operation – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Uganda’s refugee intake dwarfs European countries as South Sudan crisis worsens `

A year ago it was Greece and Turkey that bore the brunt of the world’s worst refugee crisis. Newspapers and television bulletins were full of stories about the influx of a million people in Europe, fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq and other parts of the Middle East or Africa.

Key points:

  • Uganda took in 1.3 million people in past 12 months from neighbouring countries
  • Most from South Sudan, which has suffered through famine
  • Thousands of refugees return to Nigeria from Cameroon

Now, an even bigger refugee crisis is unfolding, not in Europe but in Africa. But it has had far less media coverage, and it is questionable whether Australians know much about it.

Uganda is now the centre of the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis.

In the past 12 months the central African nation has taken in around 1.3 million people — more than Greece, Turkey or any other country in the world at the height of last year’s crisis in Europe.

Every day around 2,000 people stream across Uganda’s borders fleeing famine, drought and violence in neighbouring countries.

Most are from South Sudan, which was declared to be in a state of famine early this year. Although conditions have eased slightly, the reality for many on the ground in South Sudan has changed little.

The number of people struggling to find enough food each day has grown to 6 million, the highest level of food insecurity the country has ever seen.

The United Nations says almost 276,000 people are estimated to be severely malnourished and in need of immediate life-saving aid.

Source: Uganda’s refugee intake dwarfs European countries as South Sudan crisis worsens – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

George Pell expected to be charged with child sex offences

The ABC confirms it is expected that Cardinal George Pell will be charged with multiple counts of child sex offences today.

The offences are alleged to have occurred in Ballarat in the 1970s.

Cardinal Pell has always maintained his innocence and strenuously denied any wrongdoing.

Last July, police confirmed they were formally investigating the complaints.

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton will make a public statement on the case this morning.

“The allegations are untrue, I deny them absolutely,” Cardinal Pell said in July.

He said the allegations were part of a smear campaign by the media.

More to come.

Source: George Pell expected to be charged with child sex offences – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Christopher Pyne ‘very sorry’ for ‘damaging’ same-sex marriage remarks`

Federal Minister Christopher Pyne says he is very sorry for his damaging remarks to factional allies.

The Minister for Defence Industry and Leader of the House made his full-throated apology to local branch members in Adelaide, after playing down the significance of his comments earlier this week.

On Friday, he told colleagues in the Liberal Party’s moderate faction they were in the “winner’s circle” and same-sex marriage could happen “sooner than everyone thinks”.

The comments were secretly recorded and released to the media, enraging senior conservative colleagues who privately demanded Mr Turnbull dump Mr Pyne as Leader of the House.

At a local branch meeting on Wednesday night in his electorate of Sturt, Mr Pyne said: “I’m very sorry that my comments at an event last Friday have caused such a distraction for the Government. I apologise to anyone they have offended.

Source: Christopher Pyne ‘very sorry’ for ‘damaging’ same-sex marriage remarks – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Trump’s bogus Time cover — the fake news that launched an army of memes

View image on TwitterSee President Trump as a chicken. And a puppet. And a Russian bride.

It didn’t take long for real news about President Trump’s fake news, in the form of a sham Time magazine cover, to light up the Internet.View image on Twitter

The Washington Post’s David A. Fahrenthold reported Tuesday that copies of a phony Time magazine cover dated March 1, 2009, have adorned the walls in several of the president’s golf clubs. The headline reads: “Donald Trump: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash!” A second headline above the Time nameplate states: “TRUMP IS HITTING ON ALL FRONTS . . . EVEN TV!”

Time has since asked the Trump Organization to take them down.

Still, the Internet will always remember them.

It also memorialized them, with the fake magazine covers it created in kind.

View image on Twitter


Source: Trump’s bogus Time cover — the fake news that launched an army of memes – The Washington Post

Donald Trump criticised over ‘creepy’ comments to female reporter

Donald Trump has been accused of singling out an Irish female reporter in a “bizarre moment” in which he comment on her smile while he on was on a call to the Irish prime minister. The President was speaking to Leo Varadkar, the recently approved Taoiseach of Ireland, with several member of the Irish press watching the proceedings in the Oval Office.

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Love Island’s new girl Danielle Sellers poses topless for sexy photoshoot in a pool

DANIELLE Sellers hasn’t even entered the house yet – and she already looks like she’s getting ready to make a splash.

The 22-year-old will be entering the villa this week in a bid to sex up the series.

Before entering the villa she made herself known as a glamour model, and has appeared on The Sun’s Page 3 since July 2016.

She’s now set to appear gracing the pages of Sixty6 Magazine having a whale of a time as she nearly bares all in crystal blue waters and writhes on the side of the pool.

Soaking up the sun in an exotic looking villa already, Danielle poses in a tied up t-shirt as the lays on a lounger and runs her fingers through her hair.

She then jumps in to the pool leaving the white t-shirt to run totally see-through before posing sweetly on the edge of the pool.

However, it doesn’t take long for the star to get rid of the t-shirt completely and soon she is writhing in the summer heat topless as she poses on the ground.

In one artsy shot she lays bare breasted in the water as she sprawls out against the sun, wearing only a pair of small black string bikini briefs.

She follows most recent tenants Tyla Carr and Simon Searles into the villa.

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