Second man charged over Thompson’s murder | Perth Now

A second man has been charged with the murder of 22-year-old Sam Thompson, following a brief court appearance by a Brisbane man who faces the same charges.

Mr Thompson’s remains are yet to be found and forensic officers are continuing investigations at a home in Bald Hills which “remains a primary crime scene”, police say.

Police refused to confirm whether the Bald Hills man lived at the property, or if he was connected to it in any way.

Source: Second man charged over Thompson’s murder | Perth Now

WA; Facebook rape: Rodney Charles Rayner jailed 11 years

A FORMER military man who repeatedly raped a woman he met online as her children slept in a nearby room, taunting and humiliating her for more than two hours, has been jailed in WA for 11 years.

Rodney Charles Rayner, 49, communicated with the 51-year-old victim on Facebook and by telephone before meeting for the first time at his home in November 2015, the WA District Court heard on Friday.

He subjected her to a ruthless, brutal and sustained sex attack, causing bruising and swelling all over her face and body, Judge Christopher Stevenson said.

The woman begged him to stop, yet he showed no pity, and the judge said Rayner’s actions were sadistic.

He said Rayner maximised the woman’s humiliation and degradation, and took pleasure in her distress.

Source: Facebook rape: Rodney Charles Rayner jailed | Perth Now

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Record Perth rainfall for January to March

GLORIOUS sunshine has accompanied the final days of March in Perth but the weather bureau has confirmed the first three months of 2017 have been the city’s wettest since records began.

It hasn’t rained in Perth for four whole days but it is now officially the wettest January to March since records began in 1876.

From January 1 until today, 206.2mm of rain has been recorded in the Perth rain gauge.

VIDEO: Record Perth rainfall for January to March | Perth Now

The Good Fight review: the avengers assemble for what promises to be one hell of a scrap

Any anxiety that this spin-off of The Good Wife might not be up to the job was dispelled in a two-part opener that was, simply, powerful and brilliant TV

So I approach The Good Fight (More4), the TGW spin-off show fans have been baying for, with a feeling of rising anxiety that I am going to enjoy it. Imagine my gloom after the opening double bill, which plays out like the perfect superhero origin story but with more decanters and depositions. It’s brilliant. Not only will I have to watch every last second of it over the coming weeks, but the spectre of TGW (I dare not type its name) looms ever larger, reminding me of what I am now undoubtedly missing.

The Good Fight stars Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart, partner in (deep breath) Lockhart, Deckler, Gussman, Lee, Lyman, Gilbert, Lurie, Kagan, Tannebaum & Associates, the top Chicago law firm where we (well, not me, obviously) left her at the end of The Good Wife’s seventh and final season in 2016.

Source: The Good Fight review: the avengers assemble for what promises to be one hell of a scrap | Television & radio | The Guardian

Top Gear’s The Stig breaks world record in restored dodgem car

TOP Gear’s driver The Stig has claimed a new Guinness World Record as he managed to drive a restored vintage dodgem car to speeds of over 160km/h.

The BBC Two program’s “tame racing driver” was tasked with getting behind the wheel of a souped-up 1960s dodgem to celebrate the return of the motoring show.

Source: Top Gear’s The Stig breaks world record in restored dodgem car | Perth Now

Deposed S. Korean president arrested, jailed after long saga

South Korea’s disgraced former President Park Geun-hye was arrested and jailed Friday over the corruption allegations that already ended her tumultuous four-year rule and prompted an election to find a successor.

A convoy of vehicles, including a black sedan carrying Park, entered a detention facility near Seoul before dawn after the Seoul Central District Court granted a prosecutors’ request to arrest her.

Many Park supporters waved national flags and shouted “president” as Park’s car entered the facility. An opponent held up a mock congratulatory ribbon with flowers that read “Park Geun-hye, congratulations for entering prison. Come out as a human being after 30 years.”

Prosecutors can detain Park for up to 20 days, during which they are expected to formally charge her and have her jailed during the next several months of court procedures. A district court in South Korea normally issues a ruling within six months of an indictment.

Source: Deposed S. Korean president arrested, jailed after long saga

WA lost almost every cent it raised in iron ore royalties over the past decade

WA lost almost every cent it raised in iron ore royalties over the past decade as the Commonwealth Grants Commission redistributed the benefits of the mining boom to the rest of the nation.

A breakdown of the commission’s rulings since 2006 and the State’s mining royalties reveals $39 billion that swelled WA coffers was lost in the annual GST carve-up.

Victoria has been the biggest winner from the WA mining boom, prompting calls from the mining sector to change the grants commission process.

Every year the commission looks at the revenue and costs facing each State and Territory, redistributing GST based on the relative strengths or weaknesses of each.

In its most recent allocation, under which WA will get 34.4¢ of every dollar raised in GST in the State, almost $5.8 billion worth of “mining production” was moved between the States and Territories. WA accounted for $5.3 billion of the total that was moved to other areas.

Since the middle of last decade, WA has lost almost $39 billion under the GST carve-up because of its relative strength in mining.


Source: WA loses $39 billion in GST carve-up | Perth Now

WA DNA expert’s sacking puts convictions in doubt

CONVICTIONS in some of WA’s highest-profile murder cases may be thrown into doubt following the sacking of one of the State’s leading DNA scientists who was found to have breached testing protocols over six years.

Laurance Webb was a senior forensic biologist with the State-run pathology centre PathWest and worked on dozens of major cases including the unsuccessful prosecution of Lloyd Rayney in 2012.

As well as conducting laboratory tests, he regularly appeared in court as an expert DNA witness for the prosecution in cases that resulted in guilty verdicts.

The conviction of Cameron Mansell in 2011 for the murder of millionaire Perth businessman Craig Puddy is one of 27 cases identified as potentially problematic, as are the convictions of drug dealer Frank La Rosa’s killers that same year.

Source: WA DNA expert’s sacking puts convictions in doubt | Perth Now