NEW Streaming Details Below[Foxtel]: #F1 #SpanishGP🇪🇸 Quali 8pm Perth WA.

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Streaming F1:

Problems with the 6 Free Sites I tried to use yesterday. They all now want registration with a Credit Card. All the Forums say not to trust any ‘free’ site with Credit Card details. MANY report that they can not CANCEL the ‘contract’.

You may know of a trustworthy site. If so please leave the address in the Comments section or Tweet Jade Chinese@FamilyMassageWA

I never minded paying for a ‘service’. It was convenient to use a Free Streaming Site because I do not use TV for over 10 years. Most [ALL?] of the paid sites have/had a huge contract + lots of rubbish I did not want.

Australia Foxtel Play: TV, PC or Mobile

I saw that Foxtel Play now have a no contract offer. Two weeks free trial + then about $39 per month. Cancel anytime. I signed up yesterday to watch F1. I had a little trouble because it works on Windows or Mac, not on my Linux. I had to resort to using Virtual Box Win [in Linux]. The sign up + download took about 7mins.

But having got the Foxtel Play downloaded it worked very well. Apart from Foxtel [SkyF1] F1 there are hundreds of programs etc, if you want to see other things.

Sorry I can not offer any advice if you live outside Australia [UK is ok for SkyF1 direct]. Foxtel doesn’t seem to like Proxies or VPN.

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