Geri Halliwell Angels in Chains video: George Michael tribute single

MORE than 20 years after the Spice Girls first left their anarchic mark on every poor journalist trying to interview them, Ginger Spice remains as wonderfully eccentric — and difficult to wrangle — as ever.

She proved this with a memorable appearance on a British cooking show over the weekend, hijacking the program to such an extent she offered the hapless presenter a tongue-in-cheek on-air apologyfor running circles around him and ‘ruining’ the show.

She may now be a 44-year-old married mother of two, but the same Geri who rocked up unannounced at the final audition for the Spice Girls in 1994 and blagged her way into the group is still present.

Last time I spoke to her, four years ago, was on the eve of her last single release, the Australian-only career blip Half of Me. Back then, she spent most of our allotted interview time enthusiastically singing portions of the song down the phone to me.

Four years on, nothing has changed: Geri is about to launch a new single, Angels in Chains, into the world. Once again, prepared questions go out the window as Halliwell / Horner (she married F1 principal Christian in 2015) sings a line-by-line breakdown of her latest musical effort.

In her only Australian interview for the single’s release, she explains that the song is an ode to departed friend George Michael, a man with whom Geri shared a unique relationship.

“I believe in times of trouble and difficult times, we find out two things: What we’re made of, and who our friends are. My relationship with George started out as a fan, but every time I had a little bit of difficulty he stepped up for me. When I left the Spice Girls, I went to live with him. I stayed for a long time [laughs]. Also when I had my first child, I went to live with him. He was really sweet and kind to me,” she says…

Source: Geri Halliwell Angels in Chains video: George Michael tribute single

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