UK Fire: Cladding Cyanide poisoned victims: No Spinkers/Burnable Cladding/Poison Gas/STAY PUT= NO CHANCE

INSULATION fitted to Grenfell Tower gave off a highly toxic cyanide gas which may have led to the deaths of some of the 79 confirmed victims, it’s been claimed.

An expert has claimed insulation boards fitted to the outside of the building during a previous makeover produce a deadly gas when they burn.

Potentially every flat could have been filled with enough gas to kill those inside, The Sun newspaper reports.

The horrific revelation comes as the chief executive of Kensington and Chelsea council resigned amid criticism over the borough’s response to the deadly blaze.

Nicholas Holgate stood down from the position, saying that staying would be a “distraction” to the recovery process.

In a statement, Mr Holgate said the council’s “highest priority” was to help families affected by the fire.

The Sun reports that at least three of those injured in the fire have been treated with an antidote for hydrogen cyanide poisoning in hospital.

However, it’s feared the number of those affected could be higher.

Source: Grenfell Tower fire, London: cyanide gas from burning cladding poisoned victims | Perth Now