Geri Horner regrets the way she left the Spice Girls. Apologises for ‘disappointing the fans’

GERI HALLIWELL’s departure from the SPICE GIRLS, nearly two decades ago, made pop culture history.

When Geri — who now goes by her married name Horner — this year tweeted a fan a light-hearted apology over her decision to quit, it also made headlines around the world.

Now, in a fascinating interview for my Bizarre Life podcast, Ginger Spice admits for the first time that she has regrets about how in 1998 she walked away from VICTORIA BECKHAM, MELANIE CHISHOLM, EMMA BUNTON and MELANIE BROWN.

Speaking in depth about the Spice split, Geri admits: “I think the best stuff comes when you’re just being honest. Again, I didn’t mean to upset anyone.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling and I’m sorry I disappointed the fans.

“Looking back, we can all be very wise in hindsight. I think: ‘Ooh, I could have done that a bit better.’”

So how would she have done it differently?

Referring to the fact she walked from the band in the midst of promotional activity, leaving the four to initially claim she was sick, Geri says with a wry smile: “Probably not (leave) at such short notice.”

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