Kate Moss: Sculpture of supermodel unveiled in London’s Opera Gallery

KATE Moss looks extra busty as a bizarre sculpture was unveiled in London yesterday.

The supermodel, 43, is immortalised in the unsettling work titled “MILF” by Edgar Askelovic that currently resides in the Opera Gallery.

But despite it being billed as ‘hyperrealistic’ it has no arms or legs and, er, doesn’t look much like the Burberry icon.

Those still interested in the piece commissioned by gallery director Jean-David Malat will have to fork out a cool £25k.

Jean-David asked the Lithuanian artist to make a cross between the famous Venus sculpture and a mannequin after being impressed by his controversial sculpture of the late David Bowie — depicting him as half-man half-dog.

He spent four months hand-crafting the 80kg sculpture, made of platinum silicone, from just photographs.

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