Meet Sweden’s most famous police officer, an Australian`

Sixteen years ago, Scott Goodwin was a police officer in Sydney before he packed up and moved to a small Swedish city struggling with attitudes toward immigration, drugs and youth crime.

Law enforcement is in Scott Goodwin’s blood.

The Australian father of three comes from several generations of emergency service workers — his older brother is a police sergeant in Lithgow, 140 kilometres west of Sydney and where Goodwin grew up, and his younger brother is a paramedic.

His father, grandfather and various uncles and cousins have all followed the same route. Goodwin himself first joined the New South Wales police force in 1996 after a short stint in the Navy when he finished school.

“If you count up all the years’ service in my family, from my grandfather down to my younger brother and cousins, it’s up over I think 360 years’ service in police and ambulance,” he says.

But for the last 13, he’s built a reputation for himself in a country 14,000 kilometres away, on the other side of the world: Sweden.

Source: Meet Sweden’s most famous police officer, an Australian – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)