BREAKING: Shoppers have been evacuated from a Woolworths in Ashwood Melbourne


Here is a photo from our Woolworths Ashwood employee.

Police say the bomb squad is inside the supermarket right now.

A Woolworths staff member, named Isuru, said “initially there was panic” when shoppers and staff were evacuated from the supermarket this morning.

He said there are at least 10 police out the front right now, with about 25 people who have been evacuated.

“At the moment all the cops are here and the bomb squad is here, they just went inside,” he said. Isuzu said police told them to “go as far as you can” from the supermarket, when they were evacuated.

He said they have congregated in the car park near Warrigal Road.

Source: Melbourne Express: Tuesday, June 27, 2017