‘Petya’ cyberattack: what we know about the latest global ransomware strike

Security experts are warning that a quick-spreading new ransomware attack may have more tricks up its sleeve than the previous WannaCry software that crippled thousands of computers worldwide last month.

The new strain, which has similarities to a well-known software called Petya but may be a modified or wholly new version, has already caused a significant amount of damage in Europe, has moved to the US and is starting to make itself known in Australia.

Local companies, services and individuals — especially those whose computers are connected to big networks but have not received security updates in some time — are at risk of having their files locked and held to ransom as the infection inevitably spreads to Australia through international neworks.

“The early indications are that it’s exploiting multiple vulnerabilities that have been patched for years”, Australian security expert Troy Hunt told Fairfax Media…

Source: ‘Petya’ cyberattack: what we know about the latest global ransomware strike