Shocking moment cabbie cheats death: thugs mistake car for Uber and FIREBOMB it

INCREDIBLE footage shows a driver narrowly escaping death when his cab was petrol bombed after being mistaken for an Uber amid a violent  taxi wars in South Africa.

The terrified man, who suffered smoke inhalation and minor burns, was miraculously able to throw himself out of the door before the car exploded.

The driver managed to jump out in time and no injuries have been reported

With nobody at the wheel the white Honda that had stopped in Sunnyside, Pretoria, began rolling back down a hill as cars swerved out of its way.

A police car is seen reversing out of the way of the runaway inferno which also nearly collided with a school bus full of pupils before crashing into a fence at an apartment block.

Locals who witnessed the terrifying scene are seen cheering and whooping as the Taxify cab rolls down the hill completely out of control in a total fireball before it was burnt out…

VIDEO: Shocking moment cabbie cheats death when thugs mistake his car for an Uber and FIREBOMB it