The world distrusts Trump more than even Vladimir Putin

The world distrusts Trump more than even Vladimir Putin

The world doesn’t have much regard for the president of the United States. That’s the somewhat unsurprising takeaway from a massive new Pew study polling attitudes toward the United States in 37 countries, from Canada to Russia to South Africa. Isaac Stanley-Becker and Scott Clement have the big story on it today.

But the degree to which the world dislikes President Trump is, by some measures, rather remarkable. Below are four findings that stood out to me.

1. The world distrusts Trump more than even Vladimir Putin

Plenty of folks have pointed to the finding that Russia is one of the few countries that actually likes Trump — a 53 percent majority there has confidence in Trump to do the right thing on the world stage — but another Putin-related finding is even more telling.

According to the poll, significantly more of the people surveyed in those 37 countries distrust Trump than distrust Putin. While 59 percent of people say they have no confidence in the Russian president to do the right thing, 74 percent have no confidence in Trump…

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