Australian cricket’s D-day has arrived. Almost 230 cricketers will be out of contract

At midnight, almost 230 cricketers around the country will be out of contract. What happens then?

Almost 230 players will be out of contract and will not be paid a retainer until a memorandum of understanding is agreed.

There will be no back pay, no matter how long it takes. About 70 other players are on multi-year contracts that go beyond June 30.

The now uncontracted players will not have to play, train or do media commitments, so it would not be a strike for them, but a lockout.

For the players on multi-year contracts, they will have to choose to strike to retain solidarity with their locked-out compadres.

The women’s team is currently competing in the World Cup in the UK. They have a special contract that will run until the tournament is complete.

After that, they will be in the same boat as the men.

What about the games on the schedule?

The Australia A tour of South Africa is now in question — the first match is supposed to start on July 12.

And let’s not even talk about the tour of Bangladesh, or the Ashes in November.

If currently uncontracted players want to train, they will not be prevented from accessing the Australian cricket training facilities and staff.

The Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) says the players are expected to turn up, unpaid, on Monday as an act of “incredibly good faith”…

Source: Cricket Australia and players nearing pay deadline, but what happens if there’s no deal? – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)