Victoria shivers thro’ 2nd night of freezing temps. Frozen pipes cut water to houses as sub-zero temps

Frozen pipes cut off water to households as sub-zero or near zero temperatures were reported across Victoria on Sunday morning.  

The day dawned with blue skies, but for those brave enough to peel back the Doona, it felt like being in a refrigerator.

The weather station at Coldstream near Lilydale recorded a bone-chilling -5.3 degrees before sunrise, the coldest July morning on record (24 years), while at Viewbank in Melbourne’s north-east the mercury plunged to -2.5 degrees at 7.30am.

Central Melbourne reported a second consecutive morning of near-freezing temperatures, with a low of -0.8 degrees recorded at 8am surpassing Saturday morning’s coldest morning in two years, of 1.1 degrees. 

On Sunday, many areas in rural Victoria again shivered through epic lows.

Source: Victoria shivers through second night of freezing temperatures