Truck slams into Armadale house – significantly damaged

A HOUSE has been “significantly damaged” in Perth’s south-east after a truck rolled down a hill and smashed into the property.

Emergency crews were called out to the home on Burnside Road in Mount Richon around 3pm on Monday.

According to a Department of Fire and Emergency Services spokesperson, the unmanned truck rolled down a hill, went through a fence and crashed into the home.

It’s believed the truck’s handbrake failed with the driver not inside at the time.

It remains unclear if anyone was inside the Mount Richon home. Luckily no one was injured in the crash.

SES volunteers have been called to the home, while power and gas has been cut to the home as emergency crews work at the scene.

The rescue helicopter has also been sent to the scene of a separate crash south of Armadale.

According to police, a vehicle rolled on the Albany Highway just after 3pm with up to four people inside.

Emergency crews are on their way to the scene.

Source: Truck slams into Armadale house | Perth Now