Beyonce’s former bodyguard faces Kalgoorlie court

A GOLD Bar bouncer and former bodyguard for Beyonce and Lady Gaga is likely facing a fine for possessing 2kg of explosives, which he said he found less than an hour before police came to his house with a warrant on his housemate.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Thomas Banyard said police had arrived at a Lamington house to execute a drug-related search warrant on another man, as Schmarr was moving his belongings into the same house.

Sen. Const. Banyard said Schmarr told police about the explosives when asked if he wished to declare anything before the search began.

He said the explosives were found in the back shed and included three non-electric detonators, each attached to 1m-long safety fuses; three 70cm-long explosives “sausages”, 25mm in diameter; two glass containers of ammonium nitrate and a reactive ground coil charge 21m long.

Schmarr’s lawyer Brendon Slattery told the court his client discovered two plastic rubbish bags of explosives inside the front gate less than an hour after he began moving into his new home on Campbell Street, Lamington, on June 1.

Not knowing who they belonged to, and because he thought they looked like rubbish for collection, Schmarr moved the explosives into the back shed and locked it, Mr Slattery said.

Source: Beyonce’s former bodyguard faces Kalgoorlie court | Perth Now