Horn vs Pacquiao: Jeff Fenech says Brisbane boxer ‘clearly won the fight’

Legendary Australian boxer Jeff Fenech believes Australia’s newest world champion Jeff Horn was the worthy winner in Sunday’s WBO welterweight title fight in Brisbane, despite an international backlash against the result.

Key points:

  • Former world champion Jeff Fenech says Horn panicked Pacquiao and deserved the win
  • Media attention garnered by Horn’s win the most since his day, Fenech says
  • Fenech calls on Pacquiao to “hang the gloves up”

The United States has whipped itself into a frenzy over Manny Pacquiao’s defeat at the hands of the relatively unknown Queensland school teacher.

Respected ESPN boxing commentator Teddy Atlas poured fuel onto the fire when he confronted Horn after the fight live on air at Lang Park.

But Fenech, a three-time boxing world champion, shot down the criticisms and said the judges’ decision appeared to be fair from his ringside seat.

“All these people are saying he didn’t win the fight β€” they love Manny,” Fenech said.

“Maybe they had money on Manny. I sat ringside. Manny won the ninth round big, but he didn’t knock him down, so that’s a 10-9 round. The early rounds I thought were dominated by Jeff. He made Manny panic.”

Fenech said Horn’s composure in front of more than 50,000 fans ringside was key.

Source: Jeff Horn vs Manny Pacquiao: Jeff Fenech says Brisbane boxer ‘clearly won the fight’ in WBO welterweight bout – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)