China-Russia diplomatic double act exposes Trump’s crudeness; CLIP

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The leaders of China and Russia have vowed to work together to peacefully defuse the deepening crisis over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programmes – a diplomatic double act that contrasts sharply with Donald Trump’s crude threats and pressure tactics.

The joint declaration reflected a broader, ongoing strategic Sino-Russian alignment that has passed largely unremarked in the west. It has been encouraged by Trump’s often erratic, unfocused behaviour, and the resulting opportunities and dangers arising from weakened American global leadership.

The China-Russia juggernaut is beginning to roll. And like a comic-strip fall-guy with his legs tied to the rails, Trump lies directly in its path.

Speaking during a two-day visit to Moscow on Tuesday, Xi Jinping, China’s president, and Vladimir Putin, Russia’s leader, agreed to “jointly push for a proper settlement … via dialogue and negotiation” with North Korea, Chinese news reports said.