Fake Perth Mint gold, police ID for sale on dark web

FAKE gold bars claimed to be from Perth Mint, a WA Police identification card and counterfeit Bankwest credit cards and utility bills are all openly for sale on the “dark web”.

After Federal agencies were sent into a spin this week over revelations Medicare details could be bought on the internet’s underbelly, a quick search of some of the dark web’s favourite marketplaces found some local product.

They included fake Perth Mint gold bars bearing a striking resemblance to the real thing for the equivalent of $50. The seller, said to be based in the Netherlands, boasts how buyers could “multiply your money amazingly with this system”.

“Normal people buy gold to hold it, never open the package and scratch it to verify. These are by far the best bars available and are almost indistinguishable from the real thing,” the advertisement read.

“This bar looks 100% like the original, and is without the crimping on the edges. They will pass the X-ray test but not the scratch test. I will leave it to your imagination the possibilities with these.”

A Perth Mint spokesman said the issue was “a known industry problem for many mints throughout the world”…

Source: Fake gold, police ID for sale on dark web | Perth Now