‘Half The City Is Burning’: Hamburg STILL Rocked By Violent, Anti-G-20 Protests

Demonstrators smashed shop windows, torched cars and set fires in the streets.

As G-20 leaders gathered at the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg, Germany for a live performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony on Friday evening, police moved to disperse thousands of protesters during a second day of violent clashes.

Masked demonstrators smashed shop windows and torched parked vehicles on Friday, and other groups attempted to block G-20 delegates’ routes to the summit. An estimated 100,000 demonstrators acted peacefully, Reuters reported.

The extent of the damage remains unclear at this time.

The rallies have resulted in the injury of nearly 200 officers ― some of whom were reportedly attacked with metal bars ― and led to more than 80 arrests so far, according to Hamburg authorities, who requested reinforcement to support the tens of thousands of police workers already on duty. Dressed in riot gear, they deployed water cannons, smoke grenades, tear gas and armored vehicles to quash the protests.

Source: ‘Half The City Is Burning’: Hamburg Rocked By Violent, Anti-G-20 Protests