Reporter strips to quiz nude swingers on their wife-swapping in bizarre telly segment

A BIZARRE video has emerged of a stunning presenter finding out the bare truths of swinging – with everyone in the clip completely nude.

Host Carli Bei stripped off to meet with members of a swinging community in Jamaica, for the “Naked News” streaming channel.

Standing without a thread on them, couples at the clothing-optional Hedonism II resort in Negril spoke on camera about how they got into swinging and embarrassing moments they’ve had.

Carli asked one nude couple what they ask each other once they have slept with other people.

Taking a matter of fact approach, the lady said: “We ask what we liked, what we disliked, how was the couple, is there something I could have done differently or is there something you would like to do.”

Next the TV host asked a series of partners what had happened when their swinging experiences hadn’t gone as smoothly as they imagined.

One starkers man said: “We met one couple in a bar and two hours talking and we agreed to go back to their house to have some more fun and everything changed.

“Their phone rang and they had a family emergency and they ran out the room.”

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