It Comes At Night review and rating (2017)


THE world has not quite ended in the perplexing, haunting and unapologetically bleak thriller that is It Comes at Night.

However, if mankind’s time on Earth was a book, we are well into the final chapter as this terrifying tension-magnet of a movie experience begins.

The devastation wrought by some kind of highly infectious plague is barely being kept at bay by the three residents of a heavily fortified cabin in the woods.

In a truly haunting opening scene, the trio are seen bidding a last farewell to someone who once lived under the same roof.

As it is throughout the story, reliable data on what we are seeing in this eerie prologue is hard to come by.

An elderly gentleman has contracted the plague. Though still alive, he is clearly on his last legs. That’s why he is being carted along in a wheelbarrow towards a clearing in the nearby forest.

There is a freshly dug hole in the ground. One member of the group keeping him company and offering the last vestiges of solace is brandishing a gun. All three upright souls are wearing gas masks.

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