Michael Klim and ex-wife Lindy in social spat

NOT all is calm in the Klim camp, with the former Olympic swimmer taking to social media to accuse his ex-wife and Balinese princess Lindy of posting under a fake handle on his new girlfriend’s Instagram pictures.

Mr Klim, 39, took to Instagram over the weekend claiming his former partner was “trolling” his current girlfriend, Desiree Deravi, after she posted a selfie with his two daughters.

Both Mr Klim and Ms Deravi claimed Lindy Klim had started a fake Instagram profile by the name of @j_cross1.

“We know it’s you @lindyklim,” Mr Klim posted.

“So just stop with the trolling it’s pathetic you’re a grown women and stop being so disrespectful.”

Source: Michael Klim to Lindy Klim in social spat