Urgent warning after Aldi product toxic lead find

Tens of thousands of Australians could potentially be poisoned after purchasing a popular discount Aldi kitchen fixture.

The Chinese-made spiral spring mixer taps, sold for just $79.99 in Aldi stores, have been found to produce water containing more than 15 times the safe level of lead.

The toxic taps are estimated to have been installed in more than 12,000 homes across Australia, and industry experts say there’s great cause for concern for consumers who use the product.

“That’s 12,000 homes that have been installed. How many people live in those homes? How many people could be at risk of contamination?” Penny Cornah, Master Plumbers Australian national secretary told the Courier Mail.

“This is huge.”

Tests by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) uncovered the disturbing findings – contrary to previous tests by Melbourne’s IAPMO R&T Oceana, who gave the product the initial go-ahead.

“Everything we have on file indicates the product fully complies. It looks 100 per cent kosher,” said IAPMO technical adviser Glenn Tate.

According to IAPMO, the product was initially found to contain 9.5 times under the safe limit of lead, so the new findings represent a stark jump.

As for the potential damage of this slip-up, lead interferes with production of the protein in blood that transports oxygen, causing shortness of breath during physical activity.

Very high levels of lead can also be fatal if consumed by humans…

Source: Urgent warning after Aldi product toxic lead find