Trump’s in serious trouble, thanks to the power he’s given his family

The White House under this president is run more like a family business than a proper government.

His children are unpaid senior advisors with massive power.

Dealings with other governments are tinged with commercial ties with the Trump organisation — from patents granted by the Chinese to discussions of real estate deals in other countries to Ivanka’s shoe manufacturing operations.

Donald Trump Jr may well be a “high quality” individual; he certainly is in his father’s eyes. But both men, and more in the Trump family, are in a heap of trouble with the investigations into any ties between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russian Government and its agents.

This drama, with its echoes of Watergate, will go on for some time — at least until the special counsel, Robert Mueller, renders his verdict on what transpired in the 2016 presidential election; the Russian interference and any collusion by the Trump organisation and the Russians.

Source: Donald Trump’s biggest weakness is the power he has given his family – Donald Trump’s America – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)