Allegations against R Kelly Cult + holding several women

Claims that R&B star R Kelly is holding several women in a “cult” are the latest in a long line of allegations.

On Monday, Buzzfeed published a long and detailed report accusing R Kelly of trapping six women in a sex “cult”.

The article alleges that Kelly, best known in the UK for hits like I Believe I Can Fly and Ignition (Remix), targets young women who come to him for help with their fledgling music careers.

It claims he seduces them before taking control of their lives – forbidding contact with the outside world, and taping their sexual encounters.

The allegations come from the parents of several women, who say their daughters have all but vanished.

Kelly, 50, has strenuously denied the story – but this is not the first time the R&B star has faced accusations of sexual misconduct, with many of the stories centring around the predatory pursuit of teenage girls.

The star was himself the victim of child sex abuse, detailing in his autobiography how he was raped by an older women when he was eight years old who told him to keep it a secret. He added that “she did it repeatedly for years”.

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