Foxtel released  groveling statement: Game of Thrones crash Foxtel streaming service

Foxtel released a groveling statement

Australian fans of Game of Thrones have vented their outrage online after Foxtel’s streaming service crashed as the cult show’s seventh season was released.

Eager fans who logged on to watch the hit HBO show were greeted with an error message yesterday.

“We are trying to watch Game of Thrones legally here in Australia but Foxtel Now is such a piece of garbage,” one disappointed user wrote on Twitter.

“Give Australia’s most illegally downloaded show to our most incompetent provider – see what happens. Foxtel, you had one job,” another wrote.

“HBO, your Australian partner Foxtel has botched the Game of Thrones launch, Foxtel now throwing 500 errors. Can’t watch,” another wrote, adding the hashtag of incompetence.

The embarrassing blunder has caused Foxtel to release a grovelling statement.

“We are devastated that due to unprecedented demand, we are experiencing problems with our online services this evening,” Foxtel said in a statement on Facebook.

“We can assure you that we are doing everything we can to resolve these problems… Again, Foxtel apologises for the frustration this situation has caused.”

The statement has been shared more than 400 times and has received more than 2000 comments – most of themslamming Foxtel’s services.

“Are you seriously, seriously saying that you didn’t/couldn’t foresee a massive surge in demand for the premier episode of a show that so many people have invested so much time in, that you spent so much time and money promoting? How stupid are you?” one Facebook user wrote.

“You are a disgrace of a company. Price gouge and profiteer and can’t even invest in decent technology for your products,” another wrote.

Earlier this month, Foxtel confirmed it would be airing the seventh season of the US show at the same time as HBO in the US…

Source: Game of Thrones fans crash Foxtel streaming service