Justine Damond: Policeman who shot Australian woman dead had two years’ experience

The US police officer who shot dead Australian woman Justine Damond in a Minneapolis alley has been identified as having little more than two years’ experience on the force.

Key points:

  • Damond reportedly approached the police car in her pyjamas and was shot through the door
  • Officials are trying to figure out why the police body cameras were not turned on
  • Hundreds take to the streets to protest a spate of police shootings

Officer Mohamed Noor shot the 40-year-old bride-to-be more than once from the passenger seat of his police vehicle.

Ms Damond called police just before midnight on Saturday after hearing a possible assault taking place in an alley behind her Minneapolis home.

She was in her pyjamas when she approached Noor’s police vehicle.

Mr Noor, the first Somali-American officer at Minneapolis’ 5th Precinct, was in the passenger seat and fired multiple times across his partner at Ms Damond, Minneapolis TV station KSTP reported.

A mobile phone was reportedly found near Ms Damond’s body.

The moments immediately after the shooting were recorded over police radio.

One of the officers told dispatch that shots had been fired and asked for medical assistance.

“Shots fired. Can we get EMS Code 3 to Washburn and 51st Street. We have one down.”

The officer told dispatch they were starting CPR on the victim, before adding: “There are no suspects at large”.

Source: Justine Damond: Policeman who shot Australian woman dead had two years’ experience – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)