Twin Peaks recap: episode 10 – Dougie gets a work-out

Jayne-E reaps the rewards of her husband’s physical transformation in the most laudably awkward sex scene shown on TV in some time. Elsewhere, this is David Lynch at his most linear

Spoiler alert: this blog is for Twin Peaks viewers who have seen episode 10 of The Return, showing on Showtime on the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK. Do not read on unless you have watched.

‘Laura is the one’

Given everything that’s happened, it can be easy to forget that Twin Peaks was always predicated on one of the mainstay tropes of horror fiction: deplorable violence against women. Once again, Log Lady – in her poetically meta “afterlife” – is on hand to bring us back to the source. Hauntingly and heartbreakingly, the late Catherine E Coulson tells Hawk simply that “Laura is the one”. That’s before we even get to Gordon Cole’s vision.

The murder of Laura Palmer is still the prism through which all goings on in Twin Peaks must be seen. It’s a welcome moment of clarity after weeks of the “Where is Twin Peaks?” meme growing ever more on-the-nose – however beguiling this journey.

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