#Irma expected to ‘devastate’ part of the US as death toll rises in Caribbean

Hurricane Irma will “devastate” part of the United States, authorities have warned, after lashing the Caribbean with devastating winds and rain and killing at least 21 people.

Key points:

  • FEMA said Hurricane Irma set to hit Florida as early as Saturday (local time)
  • Irma is far larger than the last category five storm to hit the US, in 1994
  • At least 21 people have already been killed by Irma in the Caribbean

As Irma โ€” one of the most powerful Atlantic storms in a century โ€” bore down on Florida, Governor Rick Scott issued a stark warning for residents to get out if they were in evacuation zones.

“We are running out of time. If you are in an evacuation zone, you need to go now,” he said.

“This is a catastrophic storm like our state has never seen.”

US President Donald Trump said in a video statement that Irma was “a storm of absolutely historic destructive potential” and called on people to heed recommendations from government officials and law enforcement.

Source: Hurricane Irma expected to ‘devastate’ part of the US as death toll rises in Caribbean – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)