Venezuela drug execution: Video shows cartel cruelty

The assailant slices off the boy’s ears.WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES

TERROR is clearly visible in the boy’s eyes as he lies on his back, gagged and bound, on the dirt somewhere in Venezuela.

It is night and the shirtless boy dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a black belt has his hands tied behind his bag and a length of light green cloth binds his mouth.

The boy is smooth-skinned with an undeveloped chest. He could be as young as 13.

A man’s voice speaking in Spanish can be heard as the boy’s terrified face fills the camera lens.

The man is saying something about a house, money and the command of the Venezuelan nationality worldwide.

The man has a machete-style knife and moves into the picture to slice off the boy’s ears.

It is virtually impossible to watch the rest of the video, but it has been described to as an execution by a drug cartel.

Brutal and merciless, the video is nevertheless deliberate and has been supplied to along with another video of a drug execution in Mexico.

This is too cruel and bloody to watch, but the message is the same.

The drug cartels of Venezuela and Mexico kidnap their rivals, torture them, execute them and record their actions as a warning…

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