Keller breaks down talking to friend Barry Du Bois about cancer treatment

Barry Du Bois and Amanda Keller with The Living Room co-hosts Miguel Maestre and Chris Brown. Picture: Phil HillyardTHERE wasn’t a dry eye when Amanda Keller spoke with her Living Room co-host Barry Du Bois about his cancer treatment.

BARRY Du Bois has given a moving account about his chemo progress since his plasmacytoma myeloma returned in October of last year.

Speaking on the Amanda and Jonesy’s radio show, the segment got off to a sentimental start when Amanda Keller, introduced her The Living Room co-host to the sound of Barry’s “karaoke song”, Drive by Alan Jackson. Holding back tears, the radio host remarked, “buggar, I didn’t want to cry”.

Du Bois, 57, was similarly emotional from the beginninging saying, “you got me with that song”…

via Amanda Keller: Interview with Barry Du Bois about cancer treatment