Ruby Lounge attack: Australian killed in brutal Thai bar fight

AN Australian man is dead after being beaten and his head stomped on during a vicious bar fight in Thailand.

The victim is believed to have been attacked by up to five men who had been drinking at the Ruby Lounge in infamous Pattaya on Friday night.

A witness said the Australian was thrown across the room, repeatedly punched and then had his head stomped on several times as he lay on the floor.

Thai media have identified the victim as Melbourne man Benjamin Robb, who was aged in his 40s. Mr Robb, who lived in the suburb of Newport, was rushed to Pattaya Memorial Hospital but his injuries were too severe and he died a few hours later.

“He [the attacker] smashed his foot from above in the guys [victim’s] face at least 10-15 times with full force. That whole incident lasted probably 20 seconds,” a witness wrote on social media.

The attack left the man unconscious and with “horrible” wounds to his face.

“Barstools were flying everywhere and I’m pretty sure some other customers and maybe even girls were hit. The guy was totally out of control.”

The witness claimed the attackers took pictures of the injured Australian as he was dying.

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