Mount Agung erupts again in Bali

BALI’S Mount Agung has erupted again today, just days after the alert status was lowered for locals in the area.

Photos have been posted on social media today, showing a 1.5 kilometre ash column above the volcano.

So far, the ash cloud is not affecting flights in and out of Bali but authorities are watching the situation as it develops.

It comes after Qantas just recently introduced a new daily Melbourne – Denpasar (Bali) service from 23 June 2018 with fares available for sale now.

Together with Jetstar the Qantas Group will now offer customers 84 return services to Bali from across Australia – the largest international airline group to operate into the island.

Indonesian authorities recently lowered the alert status of the volcano from the highest level following a significant decrease in activity and say thousands of people who have fled its slopes for government shelters may return home.

via Mount Agung erupts again in Bali

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