Nationals in talks about asking Barnaby Joyce to resign – ‘Dead Man Walking?’

Nats contemplate life after Joyce amid mounting pressure for his resignationDiscussions are underway within the National Party about formally tapping Barnaby Joyce on the shoulder and asking him to resign.

Senior Nationals have been approached to form part of a delegation to ask the Deputy Prime Minister to step down.

Mr Joyce has not yet been visited by a delegation, but one senior Nationals figure refused to be part of any such group, instead choosing to visit the Nationals leader privately.

A sizeable portion of the National Party wants Mr Joyce to step aside, and they have been turning their attention to who should replace him.

Nationals MPs and senators say his reputation has been so badly damaged by his affair with former media advisor Vikki Campion, he cannot regain credibility.

Throughout his entire career, Mr Joyce won votes because of his colourful and charismatic approach.

via Nationals in talks about asking Barnaby Joyce to resign – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)