Cyclone watch for WA’s Kimberley region

Screenshot from 2018-02-15 17-03-54.png

A TROPICAL low over the Kimberley may turn into a severe cyclone packing destructive winds as strong as 165km/h if the weather system intensifies as expected.

A cyclone watch is now in place for people between Kuri Bay and Wallal, including Broome and Derby, as WA’s far north prepares for another severe weather system.

The Bureau of Meteorology states that a tropical low is expected to move off the north-west Kimberley coast and may develop into a tropical cyclone during Friday.

It is expected to intensify into a category two system before turning south on Saturday, making landfall possibly as a severe category 3 tropical cyclone Sunday.

Gales with gusts up to 100km/h are expected along the coast during Friday afternoon and if the cyclone strengthens, destructive winds up to 165km/h are possible.

via Cyclone watch for WA’s Kimberley region

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