Has Moscow moved its Su-57 stealth fighter into Syria?

Moscow may have deployed its new Su-57 stealth fighter to Syria.RUSSIA appears to have sent two of its most modern stealth fighter jets to Syria.

Footage circulating out of Syria today appears to show two of the distinctive aircraft arriving at Russia’s Khmeimim air force base on the shores of the Mediterranean.

As they came in to land, a Su-35 fighter is seen to swoop past protectively.

The unverified footage has interesting implications, if true…

Moscow has been swept up in scandal as its citizens seek explanations for an alleged 200 Russian casualties in a clash with United States aircraft and artillery earlier this month.

It denies it ever happened.

But, on Monday, Russia’s foreign minister abruptly warned President Donald Trump not to “play with fire” by imposing its will on Syria.

Even in itself, such a move involving the stealth fighter is odd.

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