Former WA deputy premier Mal Bryce has died, aged 75

Former deputy premier Mal Bryce has died, aged 75.PREMIER Mark McGowan has lead tributes for former deputy premier Mal Bryce, after the Labor stalwart died on Saturday.

Mr Bryce, who served as deputy to premier Brian Burke, was a lifelong member of the Labor Party, and served in State Parliament for 17 years.

In a tweet, Mr McGowan said Mr Bryce would be missed by many in Western Australia.

Mr Burke described Mr Bryce as a “fine West Australian” whose main contribution to the State was in technology development and the promotion of Bunbury and the South West region.

“Mal’s very early commitment to technology led the country and helped transform government here,” he said.

“Mal was the minister who reformed the State’s electoral laws making them fairer and introduced many measures to support small business when the value of that sector of the economy was just being appreciated.

“Most importantly, Malcolm Bryce played a leading role in guaranteeing stability in Government – an outstanding achievement the worth of which can be judged today as politics spirals downwards into bitter, chaotic and spiteful instability.”

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