Baby giraffe born at #Perth Zoo

The female calf is strong and alert.

PERTH Zoo has welcomed a new giraffe calf into the world, with Kitoto becoming a mum for the first time.

The female giraffe, who was sired by Armani, was born at 5.29pm on Wednesday and Zoo staff report that the calf is doing exceptionally well.

โ€œDespite being a first time mother, Kitoto did an amazing job,โ€ a Perth Zoo spokeswoman said.

โ€œStaff assisted the calf to stand about one hour after birth and we were elated when she started suckling.โ€

The female calf is the first giraffe born at the zoo since 2012.

Zoo staff are give mum and baby time to bond before they are introduced to the exhibit in the coming days.

Eight-year-old Kitoto came to Perth Zoo in December 2016 to be introduced to Armani, as part of the Australasian Giraffe Breeding program.

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