David Warner opens up about Quinton de Kock’s ‘disgusting’ wife sledge in Durban. “Vile and disgusting and about my wife.”

Screenshot from 2018-03-08 09-23-23.png“Vile and disgusting and about my wife.”

David Warner has given a frank insight into his rage-fuelled rampage directed at South African wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock on the fourth day of the first cricket Test in Durban.

Warner regrets losing control in the ugly staircase stoush that cost him approximately $13,500, three demerit points and a fair whack of reputation damage in the eyes of the Australian public.

Australia’s vice-captain says he must handle future situations much better, but also vowed to continue defending his family.

De Kock on Wednesday unsuccessfully contested his level-one charge of bringing the game into disrepute, resulting from a derogatory comment.

“I cop it left, right and centre, especially off the field from spectators. I am used to that and it doesn’t bother me,” Warner told reporters after he accepted a level-two charge.

“I’ve been called everything under the sun out on the field and that, quite frankly, doesn’t bother me.

“But in the proximity of my personal space and behind me, a comment that was vile and disgusting and about my wife – and just in general about a lady – was quite poor.

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