Row of dead cows after Queensland lightning strike

The cows were discovered two days after a storm swept through Beaudesert.A QUEENSLAND farmer says the death of six cattle found lying in a row along a fence line on his property is a warning about the dangers of lightning strikes.

Derek Shirley discovered the dead animals two days after a storm at his mother’s property in Beaudesert last month.

Three calves and three cows, worth approximately $10,000, were all dead following a lightning strike.

Mr Shirley said it was the first time he’d encountered a lethal lightning strike.

“The storm was on the Monday afternoon and at about 6pm there was one hell of a bang,” Mr Shirley told AAP.

“We’re lucky there weren’t 50 of them there. It hopefully gives everyone a bit of a wake up call about the dangers of being outside in a storm.”

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