Dutton: explore visa options for ‘persecuted’ South Africa farmers. Same White South Africans [Boers] who enforced Apartheid??? SBS Tweet was Deleted

Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton speaks to the media.South Africa has expressed its “regret” over Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton asking his department to consider reaching out to the country’s white farmers and giving them “special” consideration for refugee resettlement in Australia.

Mr Dutton revealed he had asked his department to “look at options” for giving white farmers in South Africa “special attention” for resettlement in Australia, citing recent attacks on white farmers.

On Thursday, a Home Affairs department spokesperson told SBS News it was now “monitoring the situation of minority groups in South Africa” and considering “potential resettlement under the offshore humanitarian program”.

The spokesperson did not specify which minority groups, but white people only make up about 10 per cent of the population in South Africa.

The offshore humanitarian program makes up the majority of Australia’s refugee intake and saw nearly 12,000 people settled last year.

via Dutton explores visas for ‘persecuted’ South Africa farmers

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