Forgiving Smith & Bancroft, but why not David Warner? If they had got away with IT, would they have done it again? And again? Punishment should be the harshest, like for life. Stops “sport persons!” thinking about it.

As Smith cried, so did Australia.THE goodwill that’s flowed Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft’s way following their emotional press conferences hasn’t headed towards David Warner.

Not yet, at least, and it doesn’t look like getting there any time soon.

Warner broke down in tears when fronting the media on Saturday morning to talk about his role in Australian cricket’s ball tampering scandal — but that hasn’t been enough for Australia to sympathise with the 31-year-old.

Warner was widely slammed on social media and by TV presenters for failing to answer questions on whether anyone else was involved in the plot to cheat in Cape Town and whether it was the first time he had ever illegally changed the condition of the ball.

“I’m here to take full responsibility for the part I played in this,” he said repeatedly when pressed on those matters.

Warner didn’t throw his teammates under the bus as some were expecting, and he was crucified for it.

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The reality is, Smith and Bancroft took the same approach in their press conferences.

“Look, I’m not here to comment about other players involved,” Bancroft said when asked about Warner’s role.

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