Meghan Markle ‘dumped her first husband by post’

A NEW book has revealed Meghan Markle’s plans after she weds Prince Harry, and how she dumped her first husband for the first time.

The book, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, written by famous royal biographer Andrew Morton, also contains stunning claims made by Markle’s former friend, who says she is a “social climber” who is “controlling” and “fastidious”.

Morton, who originally wrote the late Princess Diana’s biography, spoke to numerous sources who share their memories and moments with the Royal-bride-to-be.

In the book, excerpts published by The Sun on Sunday, reveal how Markle, 36, dumped her first husband, Trevor Engleson, which came “totally out of the blue”.

The Suits star sent their rings back in the post after she left their West Hollywood home with a $A657 blender. After leaving him, she moved to Toronto in Canada, where her TV show was being filmed, as he career was taking off.

According to Morton’s biography, a former friend said Markle was tired of Engleson’s “scattered approach to life” while she was working on her popular TV legal drama.

“He was not the only one experiencing the Meghan chill,” Morton wrote.

via New book reveals how Meghan Markle ‘dumped her first husband by post’