Deadly oil spill threatening more life and livelihoods off Borneo coast

Three workers look out at smoke rising from the ocean.An Indonesian oil company has denied responsibility for a major oil slick off the coast of Borneo, which appears to be spreading and contaminating new stretches of coastline and local fisheries.

At least four fishermen died in Balikpapan Bay on the weekend when part of the slick ignited. A fifth fisherman is missing.

The toxic slick is at least 4 kilometres long and fishermen say it has already killed at least one protected dugong that washed up on a local beach yesterday.

They also said it was wrecking their livelihood.

“It’s a fire hazard and the smell is still there,” local fisherman Maspele told the ABC…


via Borneo oil spill: Fishermen and environmentalists concerned over spread of slick – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)