Donald Trump Junior’s alleged mistress Aubrey O’Day is ‘a little thirsty’, according to The Situation

United front. Donald Trump Jr, left, and Vanessa Trump were pictured together at the White House over Easter. Picture: APMIKE “The Situation” Sorrentino claims Donald Trump Jr’s alleged former mistress Aubrey O’Day is “parched” for fame and he is surprised that news of their rumoured affair didn’t come out earlier.

“Aubrey is a very nice girl but she tends to be parched at times … a little thirsty,” Sorrentino told the New York Post.

“I love her, but yes.”

The slang word “thirsty” has several meanings, including a proclivity for fame-seeking, as well as sexual availability.

When asked by Page Six about her affair with Don Jr, Sorrentino said: “I’m surprised it has been kept a secret this long. I didn’t know about it, I heard there was someone she had hooked up with who was very high profile.”

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