#AFL reportedly considering best-of-three grand final series

Richmond players celebrate winning last year’s AFL grand final.THE AFL is reportedly set to consider the merits of a best-of-three grand final series in what could be the most radical finals shake-up in league history.

Veteran journalist Mike Sheahan on Friday reported there would soon be a significant push from high-powered non-Victorian officials for an American-style decider.

Sheahan said the idea had been raised with consideration to the extra travel that non-Victorian clubs have to deal with.

“I believe that there will be a push soon for a best-of-three grand final series to minimise the disadvantage that the non-Victorian teams suffer,” Sheahan told SEN on Friday.

“Given the commission has a strong non-Victorian participation, including a WA chairman (Richard Goyder), I wouldn’t be at all surprised in my limited lifetime that we see a best-of-three grand final.”

Sheahan said the idea had support among the eight non-Victorian clubs.

“There is a high-powered official from a non-Victorian club who believes in it,” Sheahan said.

“If the non-Victorian clubs work together as a bloc … that’s a strong force.”

The AFL has used a top-eight finals series since 1994 and the current top-eight model since 2000.

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