Sheep baking in their own skin, struggling to breathe, unable to access food or water, decomposing in the aisles and covered in faeces, workers dragging sheep carcasses around the ship and disposing of masses of dead sheep overboard.

Sheep being kept in horrific conditions en route to the Middle East.
The Federal Government has imposed further conditions on a Perth live exporter at the centre of an animal welfare scandal, as horrific footage was released of livestock dying on voyages to the Middle East.

The Department of Agriculture last night said it would demand Emanuel reduce its stocking densities on a ship due to sail from Fremantle this week by 17.5 per cent, the equivalent to freeing up two extra decks on a 10-deck vessel.

The department also gave further detail of how “an independent department veterinarian” would be stationed on the ship for the voyage, to report to Canberra every day about conditions on board.

Activist group Animals Australia last night released grim footage showing piles of dead sheep and animals in cramped conditions and gasping for air on the Awassi Express, run by Emanuel.

via New conditions put on Perth live exporter as horrific footage emerges of livestock dying on Middle East voyages