Greatest flip-flop ever, US rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Obama’s deal it must be bad!!

Trump had no idea what was in the TPP and could not identify anything specifically wrong with it. He only believed that because it was President Barack Obama’s deal it must be bad. Who can forget this debate when Trump went on his nonsensical anti-TPP rant, only to be embarrassed when Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) pointed out China was not part of the TPP:

The deal would have cemented geopolitical ties with key countries, helped set rules of the road for international trade, opened up markets for U.S. businesses and given the United States leverage against China, which was excluded from the deal. No one played the anti-TPP card more frequently — as candidate or elected official — than Donald Trump.

via Trump on the Trans-Pacific Partnership: The greatest flip-flop ever? – The Washington Post