Faulty #Perth Police speed camera results in 53,000 speeding fines being reviewed

WA Police flashing lightsWA Police have suspended the use of 11 new mobile speed cameras and will review more than 50,000 infringements after a motorist was incorrectly charged with hooning and had her car impounded.

It is believed the woman was accused of driving at more than 160 kilometres per hour on a Perth freeway.

Police said the cameras in question have caught 53,000 people speeding since they were introduced in January β€” with a manual screening process later identifying 20 cases affected by the fault.

The woman’s case slipped through the screening process and resulted in her being charged with hooning and her vehicle seized by officers, police said.

The driver disputed the speed reading and after reviewing the case, police dropped the charge and returned the car.

Police said the computer programming fault with the new cameras was not identified during pre-rollout testing.

via Faulty WA Police speed camera results in 53,000 speeding fines being reviewed – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)